Thursday, July 17, 2008

Review of Setember Of Shivaz

All I will say is stated most people like to read to feel or learn. I DID BOTH!!!
I felt for all the characters.
I never read a book before that took place in Iran during the Iran conflict or in Iran itself.
To me this was a new experience.
The author was born in Iran she used her experiences to write the book.
That is all I will say on this posting.
The other blog is on Susan's Rant'g Of Jewish Books.
Please visit that blog where I write reviews and everything Jewish there.
But I do recommend that you visit
EverydayIwritethebook blog
The blog wrote a review on September of Shivaz.
The end of the month everyone that recieved a copy of the book will leave a comment on her blog.
She does write a good review on each book that she reviews with resources of other sites that give information on the book.

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