Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eat, Pray Love

We had our book club this past Wednesday.
Benay led the discussion there seemed to be alot of resistance discussing the book.
It was like pulling teeth.
By hearing what of few said I am not inspired to read it.
What I got out of the meeting was, Eat was the first section, Pray was the second, and love was the last part.
all the members agreed that they started getting into the book when it pertained to India.
Lisa loved the book because she could identify with the places. The comments were she was on a pity party. She was selfish, and self centered, but later on she became a better person.
I am not sure then why Oprah praised this book if it was this bad.

I don't think the members could identify with her. That may have been the reason we did not have a lot to say.
Our next book club will be in September. We will be reading AWAY by Amy Bloom.

I have been the one to keep the book club with info. announcements, emails, special guest speakers etc. A few members would rather discuss the book rather than special preparations.
I have tried before to let each person take control to send out the emails, phone calls, etc. But it always seems not to get done.
Each person will take a month and will be responsible for everything.
How the meeting is run, where it will be. Each person owns the book club not one person.
If anyone has questions I will be happy to answer it for them. I have been doing this for 3 yrs and it is time for everyone to take ownership of the book club.
We will have our yearly business meeting in Jan. to decide what works, and what doesn't. Books that are upcoming etc.

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