Friday, August 15, 2008


It has been a hectic month helping, David( my 18 yr.old) register for college.
And the funny thing is he is not going away to college. He will be home.
I can't imagine how hectic it would be for parents when they have their children attend college away from home. It seems like every day I am driving him to the school.
It is very hard to let him make the choices, and not say or do anything as a parent.
He has to fall before he learns from his mistakes.
Right now David did not think about the schedule till I pointed it out.
Why go to school in the morning and come back in the afternoon. You should schedule your self so that all your classes are one after the other not spread out.
So now, he does not have a car yet. I will be doing the driving. He scheduled all afternoon and evening classes without thinking about a job. He now has to get his books Monday, and change his schedule Monday. I hope everything works out.
Why do kids not listen!!! It is not so bad if he was doing all the driving, but it is me a single mom that works. At least for the next 2 months I have to be driving till he gets his license.
That is why I have not had time to read or post any review. Hopefully by next week or the week after everything will be settled. I promised some reviews to authors and I just did not expect all this.
But soon it will be back to normal.
This has never happened before, that it has taken me a month to read one book. The book I am read is for pleasure, called Barefoot and it is taking me a whole month to read. The funny thing about it is if I was not enjoying it. It would be one thing. I am enjoying this book and it is taking too long.
I am going to have to boogie.
Maybe since it is Saturday tomorrow I can relax and read a few hours before I go to work.
I would like to apologize to all the authors that I promised to review their work.
I did not imagine that this would happen and take so long.


Dar said...

Sounds rough trying to get everything done on your own. And you know kids never listen to their parents until later on when they look back and think, 'geez mom was right'. I sure hope you get some 'you' time.

mathias freese said...

dear blogger
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kind regards,'
matt freese

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