Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To My Friends and Family

I know this is my reading blog post where I post my thoughts on books. But I would like to dedicate this post to my family and friends.

Hi All,
I would like to apologize to all my family and friends the last couple months.
There were days that I was so stressed I could not even talk to anyone. I needed to be alone with my thoughts.
I have had a lot on my mind with getting David in school. Then all of sudden realizing that it is a good idea to go back to school myself.
scheduling David and myself around my working schedule and then around both are school schedule with one car.
David was listening to what the adviser told him to take without realizing my schedule may conflict with his schedule.
Oh, what a mess....
It looked like David would be going to school part time. But low and behold we found a class that he would be able to take.
He will be taking 12 credits. But I think it is done.. HAPPY!!! HAPPY!! I feel like a heavy weight is finally lifted off my shoulders. I can breathe now. I have been very overwhelmed the last 2 weeks. Not realizing was I suppose to talk to accounting, Should we have schedule a meeting with a advisor, Is he suppose to take extra credit. Technical is very different than a university. He does not have to take history, or science or any core classes. That is what threw me. But that is what was missing.
I did not think of all these things till the last moment. David and I were caught up in the moment. When I thought everything was ok, I decided at the last moment, that I was going back to school. This all came about when I found out that I was awarded the PELL Grant. They awarded me the total cost of tuition and part of the cost of books needed for school.... That topped my decision to do this spur of the moment. I was focusing on myself not David. And then all of sudden the date is here. One week away. Today all the kids were at college changing classes. So it was a mad house. I did not think anything would be straightened out.
But at 11PM David and I found a class he could take. So that is why I have been stressed out.
I need to celebrate with a glass of merlot.. And I usually don't drink Halehujah!!!! I should post this on my blog...
If you are interested in my blog, see below.... So I would like to apologize to all of you, and putting up with me.....
You all are GREAT!!! Now tonight I have to find 2 classes that I can take, but now the system is down.. doesn't that figure.
But I am not stressed anymore... Now tomorrow David and I will be buying books for school.
Dear Jeffrey- I want to thank you for all your concern and worry for David.. I know you care. You are the best brother a sister can have.
I hope this does not embarrass you...David and I thank you so much... and to my poor mom and listening to my problems. And mom listening to me for hours, giving me advise, why oh why are you!!! ARE YOU CRAZY! A Moped... Well you don't have to worry about it now....To all my dear friends who I have spoken to or left off because I needed time to think.... SORRY... You are all great and have patience, helping me through this....
I LOVE YOU All!!!!

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