Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Hannah, Or Was It!!

Hurricane Hannah was nothing but wind and little rain. It hit Myrtle Beach, SC around 1 A.M. The lights flickered on and off a few times. The electricity was off for about 40 minutes. There wasn't anything major. What a gype.
When we heard that it may possibly hit Charleston, SC on Tuesday. I was getting nervous. I thought I better get prepared.
Thursday morning, I went to the store to get esentials like water, batteries,flashlights.
As I was about to pay I read the newspaper, they were saying we will get wind and rain
I decided forget it. I am not buying a thing.
The evening it was going to hit, you should have seen the lines at the store.
Just for a SMALL STORM, THAT WASN"T!! People panic when they hear everything is closing. Because every thing closed down.
I was not going to buy anything because all the food spoils anyway. What's the point.
They closed schools, gov't offices, and all the stores. The stores were boardiing up.
How ridicolous. You see, I have been through it before.
You want to to talk about a real hurricane. click here. I was in a catagory 5 with Hurricane Andrew in August 1991. We were living in Kendall, that is part of South Miami. It was awful. It was over 100 degees. Many of the homes were flattened. WE did not have electricity for weeks. There was not any running water. We couldn't put gas in cars because the pumps run off of electricity. We could not get money at the banks either. You want to talk about stranded. There was a curfew,people were looting.
It took the gov't a few weeks before FEMA was established. We had to wait in line waiting for water. You could only get a gallon of water. I had my two year old son then. It took him a few years not to be afraid of any storm after this.
Homes were flattened. We did get help but it took quite awhile. FEMA was established during Hurricane Andrew. The community of Miami was devasted for weeks. All of us were waiting for help from the gov't. FEMA pays for a portion to help you relocate, and helps you to refurnish your home, and welfare(if I remember), helped pay for food.
Every hurricane season it brings back memories of Hurricane Andrew. One of the things Hurricane Andrew did was to see how unimportant possessions are. I just hope when a real hurricane comes to town with real force , that we all pay attention,
and not sit back.
You cry wolf too many times, then no one is going to listen. The problem these days is the news is too sensationalized.


As the Pages Turn said...

Tell it like it is, sister. Only those who have been through that sort of thing knows the true danger. I felt like I was gypped. Hanna blew through here (island off of Virginia) with lots of wind and a little rain and...that was it. We just moved to the island so we weren't prepared and decided to load up on flashlights, water, etc. The flashlights are still in the box and the water still in the car.

Anonymous said...

We live in upstate South Carolina and we were hoping to get a little rain from Hanna, but we got absolutely nothing.

Amanda said...

I too went through Andrew, but I was in Homestead aka Ground Zero. The aftermath was almost literally a living hell. Now I'm living in texas and am waiting on Hurricane Ike. I was in Rita too before that. Damn things seem to follow me around.

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