Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Am So Envious

Boy! Look At All Those Books, Now Talk About Paradise

I wish I was able to go to San Jose, California. Chapter three,Book Club Expo was held for the third year. BOOK CLUB PARADISE!!! I kid you not. Every year for the past three years. Book Clubbers, and book lovers, and authors collide for a great weekend of fun, book salons.
The first year when it was advertised, it was a small get together. But it seems to have bloomed since last year's Expo. There were many authors I would have loved to hear, and talk about their books. I would have liked the opportunity to meet Jennifer Hart from Harper Collins.
I understand she was unable to be there because she is pregnant. That would have been the only reason that would have stopped me too. This would have been a great way to meet other bloggers, book clubbers,The founder of, Carol Fitzgerald,and, and others. There are just too many too mention. Maybe someday. A bibliophile can dream can't she.
This is very different from the book festivals for example the one in NYC, and Miami. But this totally different, The salons, talk about different topics dealing with book clubs only. This is like a Book Club Convention. Well the closest to being there,at the Expo is they will have it on line soon. They air every year after the event. I reccommend for anyone to go if you live in the area. It sounds like a good ole time. If any one was able to go, if you like live me a comment on your experience there. I would love to hear about it from the prospective as a book clubber.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to the South Carolina Book Festival in February? I'm going to try to make it.

susan said...

by accident I erased your comment about attend the SC book festival.
I would like to attend. Not sure if I can between work and school. But I want to try. If you go let me know maybe we can hook up and meet.

Seaside Book worm said...

the previous message is for Bermuda Onion

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