Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Follow Up On Paper

Well I came to class all right and handed in the paper. You only hear about these things in movies. I get to the library to brush up the paper. I print it up.
Well the paper is not centered right. Oh, My G-D I panic... What do I do now!!
The nice college librarian offered to help me she did not realize what she was getting in too. She thought all she had to do is center the page. But she finally said to me" didn't any one ever explain to you; that you are not to press the enter button at the end of every sentence". I gulped, and then sweat went down my back. I said No. She was so nice. She fixed my whole paper 7 pgs. long and still the bibliography had to be fixed. Then we find out that the printer is not printing out. I have 15 minutes to have it printed and get to class. I am so bad at saving on a jump drive. I was so nervous I hoped to g-d that I saved it right on the jump drive. You see the librarian told me that if I saved it on the drive she could print it on one of the other printers... Well it got done 5 minutes to spare. I never want to ever go through this again. Next semester I am taking computer 101, and keyboarding. Hopefully I will learn all the techniques to be able learn all the things I thought I learned but I did not get. Thank Goodness there are nice people in this world.

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bermudaonion said...

That would have really stressed me out.

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