Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Funally Finished It!!

I finally finished my history psper. It is not so much the paper but the technical things with the computer that I found difficult. I knew about the paper since I started class. I went to get help with how to put the jump drive in. Finally figured that out but could not figure out how to a foot note, and a citation page. Still not sure if I did it right. When I got most of the paper done I decided I was going to get extra help on certain points. When I put in my flash drive, my document becomes corrupted. Well you guess it I had to write the paper all over again. Thank goodness, I did not have to go to work or I would be in a jam. I hate it doing things at the last minute. I would have rather had this done a week ago. That way I would not have to worry about the technical support. Well anyway the paper is done and I hope and pray that the jump drive was able to save everything that I can print it at school. My paper is a argumentative paper.

Did Women Make A Difference During The French Revolution.
Here is a great picture of Liberty which I am using on my cover sheet doesn't she look great.I know this is my blog about books, but allow me one time to write about personal stuff. Anyway the paper does deal about books. If any one ever needs help
with this topic I know where great resources are, or if you want to know for your own personal reasons I think I may just post it some where on my blog. Now that I am finished I will analyze all my info. and post what I learned about Women and the French Revolution. I found this a very interesting topic. I am loving history so much like never before. I was never interested in WW1, imperalism. When I was getting to the topic I thought it would be quite boring. But surprise it was interesting, most European countries history is a soap opera. Everyone is suspicious of everyone and the alliances my g-d who can keep this straight. Quite interesting.
If you are interested what I have to say about history look for my next post.

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I didn't know they still taught Western Civ. I loved that class!

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