Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

I have been awarded my first award from Marie, of Boston Biliophile. and tagged for a meme. I have never been asked to do one. This is my first go at it. I am sorry it is so late. But I had a paper for school that takes precedence. Even over books I am sorry to say. Who would ever believe I would say that.

Find the closest book to you and turn to pg. 56, find the 5th sentence and 2-5 mores sentences beyond that. The book closest to me is The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
The sentence reads: We've been all over this. I didn't bring myself to this. I was brought. And now I'm done. I thought about not telling you. That probably would have been best. You have two bullets and then what.

Now tag 5 blogging friends:
Bermuda Onion
Book Club GirlBooks
Dar, at Peeking Through the Pages
and Red lady's Reading Room
Lisa, at Books On the Brain

Now go to my other blog over at Jewish Ranting and I posted my meme there as well.

1 comment:

Red lady-Bonnie said...

Thanks for the award Susan! I've been eyeing this gorgeous button on other blogs.

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