Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow! I won A Contest!

I never win anything! I must enter so many book blog contests and never win anything.
I just entered on book club girls blog. On a whim, I thought to myself I won't win.
This one blew me away. The contest was what gifts are you buying or planning to buy for the holiday season. I had said Danielle Steel to my best friend who loves all her books. She has a new book out, to my best book club friend,Amy. She is the only one that I can talk books to. None of my other friends are as passionate about books as I. I think the last question was if you won who would you give the book to.
At the time I said I would give it to myself since I bought the book for my friend, Amy already. When I received the book I decided even better yet. My girlfriend Amy already has the book. But she would cherish it more than I, with his autograph. I thought it would be great gift for Chanakah. She loves Wally Lamb. The way she talks about his books you would think she was in love with him.
Amy, this is to you...
Thank You Jen, from Book Club Girl, this is going to put a smile on her face!
What a great opening to begin the holiday.

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Debbie said...

That's too funny, as I wrote about the very same thing...

Good for you tho!! and we really don't care, do we? It's just fun to blog and play along.