Friday, January 16, 2009

Oprah's Done it Again

Oprah has done it again. I usually don't like to publicize pulp but because it has to do with a book I have been wanting to read, and of course book clubs. I just had to let everyone know. Oprah is inviting book clubs to participate with another first, via webcast on youtube. She has sent a email to book clubs to participate. They will be discussing The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski And your book club might be featured.

Information about the book and background information can be found at Oprah's website.
It is full of background information and other fun things to know about the book.

This sounds very interesting. I would have loved our book club to participate.
But this is too short notice for our group. If it is a hit we may be able to participate the next time. But if you are a follower, you may be interested.
Here are the links to set up the webcast.
Here is the preview to the link
Sounds like fun but I will be working. But all of you Guys and Dolls that can be make it sounds like it will be a great time for all of us bibliophiles, book hounds, and book clubbers.


Kaye said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and reading my review of People of the Book. I was searching for your discussion of the Haggadah and cannot find it. I looked under Jewish books and fiction, author name and historical with no success. i am really interested- could you give me the link to your post? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Kaye said...

Hi Susan, I went to your other blog and picked up the logo for the award you so kindly gave me. When I tried to leave a comment there, I got a message that said could not access that page or error message # such and such. You already had one comment so I don't know why I couldn't access it and I did try it twice.

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