Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Say Adios to The 38th Ave. Diva Readers Book Club

I am in the need for a new book club.
Unfortunately all the work and sweat to keep the book club running has come to a end.
I knew we were loosing members but nothing gave any of us the idea that it would end.
I asked one member to run the book club next month in February. Unfortunately her husband is ill and would not be able to do it.

I then sent a email thinking someone would come to the rescue. Unfortunately no one did. The thing of it is, I always felt there is always a reason for something to come to a end. So maybe this is it. I am too busy with school to discuss the book, The Reader. My friend is already doing two in a row in March and April.
There is almost every person dealing with health issue in our book club. Except two people. Everyone else either has health issue or has someone that is ill

I have killed my self too many times. It hurts like heck, because I started this baby. But unfortunately, no one cares. How sad it was a good run. But as the saying goes. "The End Is Near, BUT I DID IT MY Way"-Frank Sinatra.
Maybe by chance someone will come forward and spark interest and say let's try again. That would be nice because I am going to miss this little club. I am going to be so sad. I am in mourning, isn't it coincidence it would be four years next month.Se La Vie!!


Debbie said...

I'm so sorry...that's always hard. You could come join mine, but I have a feeling that we are too far apart.

Jo-Jo said...

Well I for one am very sad for you...I can't imagine if my book club fizzled out. Maybe there is a group of ladies out there just waiting to be found by you! I think it is like a diamond in the rough to find the right group of ladies. Good luck!

Lisa said...

That is a shame. I'm currently in two face to face book clubs. One is very organized and energetic. We have lots of people at every meeting (not always the same mix). It's great. The other group is much less organized, which kind of drives me crazy. The attendance is also spotty at best. I like everyone in the group, but it is kind of floundering. I hope it doesn't end, but I wouldn't be surprised. I think sometimes it's just a matter of group dynamics -- it either works or it doesn't. It sounds like circumstances have a lot to do with the situation in your book club. Maybe it will turn around.

Marie said...

I'm sorry your club fizzled. It can be hard to keep them going sometimes. I hope you find a way to start it again or find another one.

____Maggie said...

Where does the time go! Don't beat yourself up!

Seaside Book worm said...

Thank you for the offer. You are probably right I live in Myrtle Beach.
I may possibly join the online facebook hosted by Literate Housewife.
Or see what is out there. Thanks for the offer. I could alway join you via telephone and jump right in, I don't know how that would work, though.

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