Monday, February 23, 2009


I watched the Oscars last night. The little guy was passed to a sleeper by the name of Slumdog Millionaire, last night too many times to count. If you have not seen the movie I suggest you see it. It was a great movie. It was a very different concept then I have ever seen before. Sean Penn won a Oscar for Milk, which I did not see. I wanted Heath Ledger to win last night. He did post humorously. I hope he won because he deserved it not because the Academy felt sorry for him. I thought that movie was great. The acting by Heath Ledger was wonderful. It was very intense. In the movie theater you could not hear a pin drop.

Between The Reader, Kate Winslet and Doubt Meryl Streep was up for best actress.
I thought Meryl Steep's acting was better than the Kate Winslet. They say if you see a movie and if you hate the antagonist that the actor did a good job. I did see the Reader and I did not like the character, Hannah that Kate Winslet played. But there was something that I like Meryl Streep better in Doubt. Well Kate Winslet did win the Oscar, I was disappointed. I could not believe what Kate Winslet said to Meryl Streep.
She could have been nervous and did mean what she said. She told Meryl Streep to suck it up. I could not believe she said that. Maybe she was trying to be funny.
But, it did not come out that way. I am sure the press will be making comments. Meryl Streep has class and would not comment. But to put down a veteran actress like Meryl Steep I can't get over it.

Most of the gowns were beautiful there was one I did not like she looked like she was wrapped in the material.

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