Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buy My Little Red Book For your Pre-Teen Or Teen

To all my readers:
this is quite unusual to post this. But because I did review and post my thoughts on My Little Red Book I decided to post. This is a very important book for pre-teens and teens. There was a time that this was not discussed. But now it is the time especially with the release of the book. It has been making the rounds on the talk shows and newspapers.

If you are a Mom, Aunt, Friend or what ever to a pre-teen or teen. Get this book for them. You won't be sorry. You will cry, laugh out loud or just say oh, my g-d did that happen to her too!

If you are interested you can read my post here

April 2009
TV and Book Tour and Op-eds,

Well, my request to keep things flowin' was certainly granted! This past month has been filled with cool new ventures that are turning My Little Red Book from a collection of stories into a project with a larger mission.

I've been speaking at libraries, middle schools, high schools, and health workshops. The picture above is from a talk I gave for the Real Life Real Talk program in Rockland County, NY, where the girls stayed afterwards to read the book, and were too cute to be left unphotographed. In New Haven, CT, The Color of Words, a teen video workshop, has adapted My Little Red Book to video format! The girls in the program spent the past month interviewing one another about their first periods to make a documentary which can be seen here. They are now reaching out and interviewing women in the community that they admire.

Men, too, have been getting involved! For an amusing five minute break, check out this video where guys talk straight face about their very own first period experiences.

In honor of International Women’s Day, The Huffington Post published an op-ed that I co-wrote with Elizabeth Sharpf, the CEO of SheInnovates, where we discussed the lack of affordable and accessible sanitary supplies and its worldwide impact. The comments blew me away. Women engaged in a dialogue around the best solutions for the problem, promised to raise awareness, and even explained the repercussions of not covering sanitary supplies in the food stamp program here at home. The more issues that come up, the more we are able to help.

Publicity has been bigger than ever. The New Yorker Book Blog did a lovely review of the book. And on March 16th, the book was featured on the Rachael Ray Show. She was so into it! She even showed footage of stories she collected on the streets of New York City! Check it out (and see me wearing makeup for the first and last time).

Until next month!

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