Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great Comedian: Bea Arthur

I just heard that Bea Arthur(1922-2009) passed away Saturday.She died of cancer at the age of 86. I can't believe she was 86. I guess when you get to middle life you start to realize that you are in the age you actually grew up with actors and actresses watching these shows. When I was growing up most of the actresses I never heard of.

Bea Arthur was on a show called Maude. She had a dry sense of humor. It was a spin off of All In The Family.

All In The Family I hated. Because Archie treated Edith terribly. Edith was portrayed as a dim-whit. Maude was a comedy, but at the same time brought up issues that were a concern for all of us.

Those were the shows that were great. I know I must be a prude. But now a days everything goes. Too bad.

What I remember her from is the Golden Girls. You can still see the show on lifetime.

The show was a bunch of older ladies living in Miami. They all lived in a house together. They were not ready to go to a retirement, or a nursing home. They were not in wheel chairs. They were a bunch of lively ladies. Yes, they even talked about the SEX WORD..., and had love interests, boy friends and even found them in bed with another man.

I loved the show. It was so funny. Sometimes with dry humor. Sometimes mad-cap and not raunchy.

You can catch it on lifetime. Or on youtube.

We will miss you Bea, I looked forward to every Saturday evening watching the show.

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