Saturday, April 11, 2009

Preparing For Book Club Celebration

Our book club is reading My Father's Paradise by Ariel Saber. You can read the review from the New York Times here.

Our book club had a hard year with members being sick or having surgery. I have talked to a few members and looks like most everyone are on the road to recovery. There is one member that may still have surgery.

Our book club did not get the chance to celebrate our 4th yr. Birthday. Since I am hosting and I choose how I want to run this meeting this coming month. I will have time to organize it.

I had a brain storm, not realizing the book I picked is Father's Paradise. The book's setting is in the Middle East. Next month is Israel's Independence Day.
The books location is in the middle east. Many middle eastern Jews came from Iraq, Iran and other middle eastern countries to come to Israel. This is a tie in to prepare for this book club.

In Israel during Israel's Independence Day is a day of celebration. They have a bar-b-que with the family, and friends,and bon-fires in the evening.

I will see how many people plan to come first, and then take it from there.
What I am hoping to put together some Israeli dishes. Then order the rest from the restaurant. Some falafel, Israeli Salad, Hummus, and pita. I would like to attempt to make a Moroccan Carrot Salad. Then to top it off course a birthday cak

Then like always I was able to get some book favors for the table for everyone. I received book marks, coasters and differents prizes from book club girl. Then from book reporter I won 12 copies of books from my book club. All this was perfect timing.

I probably should be talking about leaven food right now because of Passover. But I should start planning.

I hope this can be done.

I know these girls would not go for this as they are older but some israeli music and dancing would be fun. But most of the girls would not go this far.

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