Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Devil's Queen

Devil's Queen, a historical novel based on Catherine Medici.

The Devil’s Queen tells the story one of Catherine de Medici, one of history’s most intriguing female figures. She is considered a ruthless and cunning Queen. She was born into one of Florence’s most powerful families, Catherine was left incredibly wealthy by the early death of her parents. She later went on to become the jealous wife of the Prince Henry of France, the scheming mother-in-law to Mary, Queen of Scots, the architect of the bloody St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre, and, of course, France’s most infamous Queen.

What is unique about the announcement of this book is the publisher's are publishing a ebook to coinside with the publication with The Devil's Queen. Even today, it is commonly accepted that Catherine resorted to astrology and black magic to keep her family, and herself, in power at all costs.

Here, for the first time, bestselling author Jeanne Kalogridis (author of THE DEVIL'S QUEEN) opens the pages of history to reveal some of Catherine’s favorite black magic spells and dark charms in the 'BOOK OF BLACK MAGIC: The Devil’s Queen Grimoire'..." The Book of Black Magic is to be read along with the Devil's Queen.

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Lenore said...

This is a really interesting marketing idea. Will be watching to see how it works!

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