Monday, July 27, 2009

Meeting Mary Kay Andrews

This is my post about meeting Mary Kay Andrews in Pawley's Island, SC. Above is a picture of me posing with Mary Kay. I have always hating me in pictures. But this one I wanted the world to see. I wish there was a better picture. But alas, maybe next time.

A few friend and I met for Mary Kay Andrews with the Moveable Feast that is hosted by Litchfield books and a cultural club.

We had the luncheon at a exclusive community called Debridew. I suppose it is french. The homes were nice. But there was not anything special. When I think of exclusive homes. I think of homes that look like the Hamptons in New York, with arches and columns like you would see in Charleston with triple digits. There wasn't anything like that.

Now, when we get in to the club house it was very nice and exclusive. With wide windows and the view outside was beautiful with lots of greenery.

As I am ascending the stairs to the top floor. There she is Mary Kay. Not the makeup, the author. She is larger than life it seems to me. Note: Mary Kay is not her real name. The names is made up. A conglomerate of her two children's names.

There was not a line like you would expect at other book signing. When I have been to book signing in New Jersey you are rushed and hastled to hurry up. This was not the case. Possibly because this was a luncheon. She took the time to answer some of my questions and told her that I loved her book. She remembered me, because I found her on facebook. She really does care about her fans.

What a thrill it was to meet Mary Kay. I was awe struck. Why is it that I act this way when I meet authors. I get tongue tied and forget what to say. Next time I think I am going to bring a cheat sheet with me filled with questions.

She was surprised that I came because it took over a hour. Everything in SC in a far distance. There is not anything that is direct. The roads are terrible here. They are still trying to get 1-95 into Myrtle Beach. I am surprised she did not realize this since, she her self is a southern girl. Unless she lives in the big city of Atlanta. But this is another story.

She was so gracious and fun to talk to she was a hoot, and so funny when she was speaking. she tells us about her experience at the Jersey shore while on her book tour. Everyone that lives in Jersey knows about needing a badge to enter the beach. Mary Kay did not know this. Her story is on her blog if you would like to read it visit her blog at

Mary kay talked about the importance of
Home in woman's hearts
. Women putting down roots. When she writes, about putting down roots. When someone messes with us, look out. Mary Kay likes to write about small towns. Because everyone knows everyone's business.

How she came about writing Fixer upper happened when she was looking for a permanent getaway to do her writing. A opportunity happened for her to buy a house in Tivy, Ga.

One fact that Mary Kay admitted to when she starts writing that she enjoys settling down to a glass of Chardonney to write.

I can't wait for the next Moveable Feast. This one will be with Anita Shreve. She is just about to publish her next book. This will be a rare treat because northern authors rarely come down here. Looking forward to that. If you are interested and live in the area you can go to Litchfield books( independent book store).

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bermudaonion said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm the same way when I meet authors - they're like rock stars to me.

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