Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson Remembered (1958-2009)

I have hesitated to post anything until now about Michael. Because it was such a shock to hear about his death. First Farrah Fawcett. The pinup with the red bathing suit and the hair.

Then to read about Michael Jackson. like 9/11, I don't want to compare it to that but it was the same feeling. A joke, disbelieve, and then shock. I hesitated to post anything because I was filled with so many feelings. He was taken so young.

To see him recently in a rehearsal video just two days before his death. You would not think you were talking about the same man. He was strutting his stuff. He did not look like a man that was ill and pass away in two days. He looked great. Are you sure that is the same man??

I know there are different camps either you liked his music or you didn't. Or you thought he was just too weird and could not stomach it. Or you were sick of it. Or you put up with it. I lost interest in his music after the 90's just because I stopped listening to new pop music.

I was a fan of the Jackson 5. I used to watch the Jackson 5 on Dick Clark during the same time the Osmonds were singing on Merv Griffin. I was born the same year as Michael. I did not follow his music until Off The Wall. I loved the beat and his music, dancing and entertaining.

When MTV came into existance when cable was just coming into being. Michael Jackson made videos that was so different. He made his music videos into short films. This made MTV evolve and what has changed the music industry.

I never did see Michael Jackson at a concert but did see him in the music video and concerts on DVD. He made you feel like dancing at home or in the office. You would see people at work, their feet move or clicking their fingers. It was so funny.

Michael Jackson, was not just a singer he was a entertainer. Boy he really knew how to dance and entertain and dazzle the public not like anyone else before. I and everyone else loved his costumes when he performed on stage. This set precedence for other singers like Prince, and others.

If you never seen or heard of Michael Jackson or The Jackson 5 I would recommend that you find a video and watch his early videos. Billy Jean, Thriller, Beat it. This will give you a idea of his genius and entertaining greatness.

Michael was misunderstood especially his personal life. His eccentricities of his genius made his mental well being made him look and behave bizarre. I don't want to read and hear speculations anymore. All we have been hearing on the news 24/7 is basically speculation not facts. It's like the news is pulling things from the air to keep his memory going. Who knows if the truth will ever come out. I want to remember him for his music and his dancing and entertaining abilities, not the tabloids's nonsense.

Michael Jackson was a man that did not have a chance to grow up. He had a strict childhood that they say is the reason he was a child-man, he's odd behavior and eccentricities. But he was involved with many charities. Do you remember We Are The World? He was given this gift of singing and dancing that was awesome.

When you see him on stage I can't explain it but he appears timeless. There is isn't a age factor. He has immortality. Now I know that sounds strange. But thinking this way may be the reason I am in shock. He did not look his age. I had forgotten he is the same age as I am. He seemed to be so full of energy on stage.

On stage he seemed comfortable in himself. But when he out in public not on stage he looks like a different Michael Jackson. He did not look comfortable in his own skin.

Whom I do feel sorry for are his chidren. Their father was the only person that cared for them. They have never been in public. It will be very hard for them. The only person that they know is gone.

On a happy note, Michael Jackson's music and dancing made me feel good. That is he's legacy we have to remember if you are a Michael Jackson fan. "The Way You Make Me Feel".

You were taken too soon you were timeless. We love you Michael I hope you have the peace you wanted. G-d Bless you.

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What a nice tribute!

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