Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mailbox Monday

This post was found in my draft box, it is from several months ago.  Sorry about the very late post.

Thank you Marcia for hosting Mailbox Monday. Each week we anticipate what we receive in our mailbox each week. This past week I needed a dumptruck to get all the books through the door. This is what I recieved this week.

The Post Mistress by Sarah Blake
This one is a first time selection by Barnes and Noble

Across the Endless River by Thad Carhart
Thank you FSB Associates for a review copy

The Real Wizard of Oz by Rebecca LongCraine
I can't wait for this one. Since this is the anniversay of The Wizard of Oz movie this is great timing to read this biograpy to the great man himself.

Cost by Roxana Robinson

Heaven to Betsy and Betsy in Spite of Herself by Maud Hart Lovelace
This one we are to find a recruitee and hope she becomes a fan of these books. This is sponsered by Book Club Girl. We don't get to read these but it did come in my mailbox. I hope it counts.

The books I bought for myself are:

Trial by James Patterson
I don't ususally buy these kind of books. But we decided to read this for our book club in December. I have never read a James Patterson, but it does sound interesting.

The Day The Fall Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan
I saw this book as a recommendation by BN.
Anything that has a historical bend to it interests me. This one about Niagra falls and the turn of the century.

So do you think I recieved enough books this week. I finally did it at least for now. I have reluctanly told publicists at least for the time being that I can not accept any more books at this time. At least until December.

I started back to school. I am taking Anatomy and Physiology and I just don't have anytime right now. I am taking part time. But still it is alot of work in A/P, and the other two courses I am taking. Please forgive me at this time.

I am trying to get to review book in between study time. What books came to your mailbox today? What books are you enjoying??

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