Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Literary Road Trip

I am going to be doing my first literary road trip entry soon. I am excited.
I went to Barnes and Noble this afternoon. I walked into the store, in Myrtle Beach and saw a display that caught my eye. The book is called Dead Weight, by Batt Humphreys. The story is based on historical Charleston, SC.

The book is about a Jewish merchant that is murdered in Charleston, SC. A African American is accused of the murder. The day before he is to be married he is accused of the murder. This will be great for my Jewish blog as well as Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe.

I am very excited because it takes place close to my home of Myrtle Beach. Historical fiction of the turn of the century, just up my alley. The book has gotten great reviews. I never heard about it till now.

One of my bookish friends told me after I sent a email out to let everyone know that she has seen him speak at Litchfield Books, in Litchfield. Too bad I would have loved to hear him. I just sent a email out to all my bookish friends to spread the word.

Mr. Humphrey's has contacted me and told me he would be interested in talking to my book club. He will be doing a guest blog soon too. I can't wait. You, see I don't know of many local author's in my area. We don't usually have anyone in this area that is a author.

Mr. Humphrey's is a South Carolina resident outside of Charleston. He was a senior producer of CBS News. He recently returned to Charleston, SC.

I will be hosting Mr. Humphrey's soon.

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Michelle said...

Welcome to the Literary Road Trip! I'm excited that you're join us for the adventure. I hope you enjoy!

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