Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Days IS Overwhelming!!

I passed my first practical exam by the skin of my teeth. I studied and every test I get exam jitters and make stupid mistakes. I did that but I am just happy I passed. The next exam coming up I am dreading. This is the exam last semester, in General A/P I did not do well.

We are on the Muscles and Joints. The subject of muscles is very difficult, overwhelming. I can't wait till the exam will be over next week. Anyone that is in the medical field knows how difficult this part of A/P is. Never liked the muscles. Understanding the parts of the muscle cell, how the contraction works, and energy is very intimidating. But to add insult to injury we have to name each muscle and where it attaches called insertion and fixed. Anyone that reads this pray for me that I get through this with a passing grade.

All that is left for A/P is the Nervous System and Senses. That is more interesting to me.

The Speech class, I ending up with a good grade. The next two projects for speech that are left are a panel, and take a stand speech. We have to pick a social impact speech, and Take A Stand Speech is our last project we have to do for the course. I can't wait for it to be over.

I am so glad that the A/P exam test will be the only thing I have to focus on. Rather than the speech and math all together. It worked out perfectly. Because the professor has been out of class several times. She had to change the due dates for everything. Thank goodness, I was worried that I would have the Speech due on the same date as A/P. Thank goodness, happy days, all the upcoming tests are on different days. How good is that. G-d must have been listening to me.

Believe it or not we only have six or seven weeks of school left. I can't believe it.
It's going fast.

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