Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brain Workout

I have been working out my brain too much lately. Finally the end of the rainbow is near. I can take a breather. I had my exam on the brain and I did well.

We had our practical exam today. I thought I was ready for it. It was on the muscles, insertion and origin of the muscles, brain, nervous system, eye and ear and receptors.

First off, I thought we also had to study the cranial nerves. It turns out I did not have to study this until our quiz next Tuesday. Unfortunately, I did not hear her. Like last time I was so focused in class on what we were doing I did not hear her say anything. If I knew this I would have had more time to study for the insertion and origin of the muscles.

When it came to the exam I thought I was doing quite well. I studied those muscles up and down literally and thought I knew them top to bottom. But when it came to the muscles of the leg. I totally confused myself. I know I did not get them.

She takes off for misspelled words. The exam was 100 questions. I know at least 15 of them I got wrong between naming the muscles and knowing the insertion and origin. But the parts of the microscopic muscle, parts of the neuron, eye, ear and receptors I felt I knew. I will find out by Tuesday how I did.

I fair much better on lecture exams than lab practicals. Especially when it comes to muscles and bones.

Next Tuesday we have a quiz on the cramial nerves which I pretty much studied for. As you can still imagine I have to study during Thanksgiving. My last exam in the first semester of A/P is a take home test.

I Don't want you to think this will be a cinch. I have Dr. Schell she is pretty tough. I know because I had her in Medical Terminology. Her last exam was a take home test then and it was difficult. I am sure it will be the same this time around.

Everyone in the class except myself and one of my lab partner's are not happy about this because I would rather take the test. A take home test first of all you don't learn anything. You are just scrounging for the answers.

This coming Tuesday we will have a quiz on cranial nerves. Then our take home test, the week after our final exam. Don't forget add math and public speaking to the mix.

G-d please help me. This semester has been so stressful with work and school and the house. It has just been too much. Then I have to repeat the same thing next semester with the rest of A/P which contains the rest of the body systems.

Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy going back to school at my age

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bermudaonion said...

You're not crazy for going back to school! My son has work to do over the holiday too.

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