Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Here I Go!!

Here I go again... I only have three more weeks left. I have a quiz on Thursday on Nervous Tissue, The we have our last lab quiz before our last Practical, and then our exam on the Nervous tissue, the practical will be the week of Thanksgiving.

I am so stressed I can't wait till it is over. After the practical we have one last test and then a final exam.

If I can make it the next two weeks then I know I will make it. It has been a stressful few months. I just want it to be over all ready.
Our instructor will allow us to drop the lowest grade and from all our tests. So you see that is why just one one more. I have to say I have worked hard all semester if I can come out with a "B" it will be great.

I just want to collapse and take a break all ready. I have not been able to go to my book club in two months.

Today it was so funny I saw another student in my class reading a novel between classes. I said to her, you really have time for that I wish I did. She was reading, a Jane Heller. A good juicy read. Not heavy but a no brainer book I wish I could.

I so miss reading a goood juicy book but it will just have to wait a couple weeks. Even our book club book I could only read half of it. Oh, well. I have to stop complaining. I just have to hit the books so this is my cue to say good bye to y'all for a couple weeks again.

Can't wait but alas I have to get back and hit the books.. See you later. Wish me luck...

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I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

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