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For Teenage Girls and Their Parents

I would like to share with you a mass email I received from the author of, My Little Red Book. I am a great advocate for this little book because it educates, the young teen age girls.

I shared the reason this book is a powerful tool for young teen age girls in a earlier post. There are just some mothers that don't want to talk to their teenage daughters. Or that the girls are ashamed, embarrassed or afraid to ask their parents or their doctors questions.

This book is great. I am a great believer that EDUCATION IS POWER!! A sample of the book is being packaged to young girls in starter kits getting their first periods. What a great idea.
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My Little Red News

Here are three lessons that I’ve learned in May so far:
1. Vaginas are shaped like flattened sleeping bags.
2. Talking about periods is great. Watching people talk on screen about periods is equally great!
3. People in other parts of the world want to read
My Little Red Book, too!

Mull over the first tidbit, a…

Mailbox Monday

Thank you Marcia, at the Printed Page for Mailbox Monday. This is what came to my mailbox this past week. A few goodies I have been waiting for. Also my thought and musing about the books I received this past week.

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

The Secret Son by Laila Lalami

Garden of Water by Alan Drew

Annie's Ghosts by Steve Luxenberg. This one is for my other blog at Jewish Rantings.

Confessions of a Conterfeit Farm Girl by Susan McCorkindale. This one looks like a fun one can't wait to dive in. We both have something in common. We are both transplants from the north and moved to the south.

Of Bees and Mist by Erick Setiawan. This book is a free advance copy from BN for participating on the online book club called first look. It will be starting in June. If you are interested check it out.

The Castaways By Elin Hilderbrand. I just loved her other book Barefoot. I am looking forward to this one. Thank you Marian from Hatchett Books

Foreign Tongue by Vanina …

New Name

Hi Y'all. Pardon my appearance. I am pretty upset right now. I lost my side bar and widgets. That's what I get for fooling around with my blog. I thought I could figure it out myself. But guess what I can't. I lost most of my sidebar. My widgets, my awards( that mean't alot to me because of my blogging friends awarded me).My favorite blogs, websites, and my favorite artist of Renoir and Monet. My book club list

As you can see I am up for new challanges I have a new name. I must be crazy to start over. But what the heck, I am up for it. Now that school is over. I have more time to dedicate to my blog. I changed the name from Seaside Book Worm to Seaside Book Dreamer for now. The new name gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. The old name did not really do anything for me.

What do y'all think Seaside Book Dreamer or Beach Side Book Dreamer? I have a couple months to decide but I would like your input.

Check Out Barnes And Noble

I just visited B/N. They had something interesting added to their book studio. They always had reviews, author chats and online book club. But now they have book files
I believe they just started it. This week it is Jules Verne, Around The World In 80 Days. It appears to be on the classics. That is always interesting. It is background information about the book and the author.

Early Mother's Day Post

In honor of mother's day I am posting a Mother's day message and a book review by Jennifer Worth, The Midwife. If it was not for these dedicated and hard working nurses in England most of the East end of England would not be here. In honor of them, and all the midwives around the world. I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day. And of course all of us Mother's. Happy Mother's Day.

The Midwife
A memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times
By Jennifer Worth
Penguin Publishing

Author's Bio: Jennifer Worth trained as a nurse at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, England. She then moved to London to train as a midwife. She later became a staff nurse at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, and then ward sister at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital in Euston. Music had always been her passion and in 1973 Jennifer left nursing in order to study music intensively. She gained the Licentiate of the London College of Music in 1974 and was awarded a fellowship ten years …