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Dead Weight By Batt Humphreys

Dead Weight by Batt Humphreys
236 pgs.
Joggling Board Press

Dead Weight is based on factual events with fictional characters mixed in. There is a murder of a Jewish merchant, Mr. Lebelsky. His wife Rose, is away in New York until she is summoned by the city of Charleston that her husband was murdered. She returns to Charleston.

There seems to be a rift between Mr. Levin and Mr. Lebelsky about business being open on Saturday. Jewish law doesn't allow stores to be open on Saturday. Max Labelsky was from the new school to be open on Saturday, but Mr. Levin did not believe this.

Rose Lebelsky opens her clothing shop when she returns. While she is working she gets conked on the head. There is a young black man,Nealy Duncan he is walking away from the scene not running down the street.

He was purchasing items for his wedding. Mrs. Lebelsky was conked on the head. The mob chases after him after they hear Mrs. Lebelsky scream. They chase after him. The mob grabs him and does not look fo…

Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Hope you stuff yourself to the gills today. My self, and my son are going to my friend's house Amy's for the big festive meal. Before that my son is going to a Turkey Bowl. What is that you ask? It's working up a sweat playing football, by the time they have finished playing football they are so hungry they will dig into the turkey like no tomorrow.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday.

Web Designer Wanted

I am looking for someone to help me redesign my book blog. Specifically the template for now. There is more work needed but I want to take step by step. I have seen other book bloggers and their sites look awesome. I have tried to do it several time, what I got was frustration. I have looked at istock and I found a couple graphics that are possibilities. I will pay you for your time of course. If someone is interested leave me a comment below at the comments.

Brain Workout

I have been working out my brain too much lately. Finally the end of the rainbow is near. I can take a breather. I had my exam on the brain and I did well.

We had our practical exam today. I thought I was ready for it. It was on the muscles, insertion and origin of the muscles, brain, nervous system, eye and ear and receptors.

First off, I thought we also had to study the cranial nerves. It turns out I did not have to study this until our quiz next Tuesday. Unfortunately, I did not hear her. Like last time I was so focused in class on what we were doing I did not hear her say anything. If I knew this I would have had more time to study for the insertion and origin of the muscles.

When it came to the exam I thought I was doing quite well. I studied those muscles up and down literally and thought I knew them top to bottom. But when it came to the muscles of the leg. I totally confused myself. I know I did not get them.

She takes off for misspelled words. The exam was 100 questions. I …

Checking In

I am reading Dead Weight by Batt Humphreys but I was unable to finish it yet. It is a page turner. I can't wait to finish it so I can write my thought on my blog. I have been able to read because of school. But starting next Tuesday I will have some time to dedicate to reading and my blog.

I am excited I have been in touch with Batt Humphreys, the author of Dead Weight. He is a local author from outside Charleston. He is coming to Barnes and Noble on December 6th. The good news is, After the book event at Barnes and Noble he will be stopping at the membership tea we were having that day.

I wanted to have him come out to lunch with my book club and my group of friends. But most of them would be at the tea. Some quick thinking, on my part I had come up with a plan.

Mr. Humphreys has agreed to come after the BN book event to come to our tea. I can't believe a author would do this and take the time to come to talk to us after. This is gracious of him.

When I started communi…

Here I Go!!

Here I go again... I only have three more weeks left. I have a quiz on Thursday on Nervous Tissue, The we have our last lab quiz before our last Practical, and then our exam on the Nervous tissue, the practical will be the week of Thanksgiving.

I am so stressed I can't wait till it is over. After the practical we have one last test and then a final exam.

If I can make it the next two weeks then I know I will make it. It has been a stressful few months. I just want it to be over all ready.
Our instructor will allow us to drop the lowest grade and from all our tests. So you see that is why just one one more. I have to say I have worked hard all semester if I can come out with a "B" it will be great.

I just want to collapse and take a break all ready. I have not been able to go to my book club in two months.

Today it was so funny I saw another student in my class reading a novel between classes. I said to her, you really have time for that I wish I did. She was read…

I Miss Y'All

Only 6 more weeks till school is almost over. I took the exam for the Joints and the muscles. I did well. So much better than last year. What a great relief I got through the muscle. I never understood it but this time along I actually got how the muscle works. I accomplished something and even mastered it.

We are going on on to the Central Nervous System and the Brain, and a another week the senses(ear and eye, nose, touch etc.) We will have a practical exam right before Thanksgiving, a comprehensive exam around the second week in December.

Next semester I will be doing the rest of Anatomy and Physiology. The endocrine, blood, heart, kidney, reproductive, intestinal, etc. I can't believe I made it this far.

The unfortunate thing I had to put things on the back burner for now. At times I have tried to read a book and review one or two. Hopefully during break I will be able to get back to my blog. I miss my readers and followers. Sorry to everyone, I miss you all. I am…