Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Must Have Had Head in the Sand

I am reading, and so far enjoying reading Stiltsville by Susana Daniels.
But I am not writing my post as yet. I am writing on my blog, because of a interesting piece of history I did not know about.

I just found out about a place or if you want to call location on Key Biscayne. I am just amazed. Because I lived in Miami Beach, and Miami and Kendall area. I never realized that there was homes scattered off Key Biscayne on the ocean.  I wish I was aware of this. Because I never noticed this. I used to go to the beach all the time in that area.

I asked a friend of mine if she knew of it. She told me yes. She told me you could see it with a naked eye. How in the heck, did I not see it if I went to the beach often.  My girl friend told me it is possible that you were not aware unless you took charter boats, or went fishing, or owned a boat and possibly passed by it.  I feel so ridiculous, I feel like where was I.  Did I have my head in the sand all those years. I am surprised that it is not well known. Even at the public beach, I am surprised that there is not a plaque with  information about Stiltsville.

 I am just amazed that it is not well known. When I went to the beach in the 80's and till the mid 90's there wasn't any mention of this at the beaches at Key Biscayne.  I must not be the only one that did not know about Stiltsville. You can find out more information about Stiltsville on wikpedia, as well as Susanna Daniels the author. I will be posting my comments on her novel.

Look out for my post on Stiltsville in a few days.


bermudaonion said...

The house looks pretty, but I can't imagine why anyone would want to live out there like that.

Lisa said...

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to live out in the ocean. I get solitude and all but I would think it could be pretty dangerous. And, until cell phones, it's not like you could have a phone. What if something happened to your boat? Okay, clearly I don't really get solitude!

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

I personally would not want to live there either. Just thinking about being isolated. Not to be on land and stuck either in your house and boat would be too confining. There would be not any back yard to play for children. What I gather this had been more for the bohemian types, hermits, etc.

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