Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Swimming Pool By Holly LeCrew

The Swimming Pool
By Holly LeCrew

The novel is about two families with many family secrets.  When you see the cover at first glance. I thought to myself a great beach read. This is definately not a beach read.  It starts out like that but believe me, when you get to the meat of the story. It is not what you expected.

There is a affair, a murder a sister having post partum depression and many more secrets than you can imagine.

There are two families, the Atkinson family and the McClatchey family.  It takes place in Cape Cod.  The McClatchey family are married Betsy, the wife, and Cecil the husband. Their two children, Jedd and Callie.  Then on the other side of the bedpost there is the Atkinson family, the wife Marcella, and husband Tony, with one offspring Toni.

Marcella and Cecil have a affair 7 years previous.  Marcella is self centered and has no care in the world except her self. She is sophistocated and foreign born.  Marcella and Cecil meet at a party and begin a affair.  Betsy, Cecil's wife seems like the " Betty Crocker" type. I can't figure why he had a affair with his perfect life, Why mess with a good thing.  Then when Marcella is ready to talk about her affair. They find out that Betsy is killed, possibly murdered.  Cecill feel's guilty and shortly after is killed in a automobile accident.

Now, it is present day. The family goes back to Cape Cod to their summer home. Jedd discovers a old bathing suit and wonders who's it is.  There is plenty of romping around. Jedd falls for Marcella.  But, Toni the daughter also has feelings for him.  There is plenty of secrets, lies, and sex and drugs to go around.

I am not going to go any further to spoil the book. But if you like to watch Dynasty JR kind of shows this is up your alley. I would not have picked up this book. But because it was reccomended I did.  This is not light reading. The cover is decieving.

The writing was literal not like a beach read.  I personally had a hard time following what was going on. I had a hard time understanding if this was happening 7 years ago, or was it happening in present day.   The pieces came together little by little at the end of the book. I thought it was a interesting way to present the story but I had a hard time following it.

Don't go into the water unless you are ready for family secrets.

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