Sunday, June 27, 2010

She Ain't Heavy She's My Mother: Book Review

She Ain't Heavy She's My Mother
By Bryan Batt
Bryan Batt, has written a memoir about growing up gay with his mother in New Orleans.  It is funny, serious and everything in between as well. He talks about his time preparing in a pagent and wearimng a  pink hoop skirt.  The rudolph the red nose reindeer light bulb that burns his nose.  The story about coming out of the closet, his mother's antics " His relationship with his father, the ups and downs with his mother's illness. Through it all Gayle has inner strength to not quit and keep on going.  Bryan talks about the beautiful inner strength that each one gives to each other.

I could keep on going. He recalls the antics of his mother Gayle. She is the great strength in their lives..   She is beautiful, and charming, and has hard as nails strength.

The book is very funny, especially the part when he's father tells Bryan. Bryan, you can't leave the house without three things.  One of the things is his testicles.  I couldn't stop laughing. Tears starting rolling down my face.

If you are looking for a quick and funny read this book is for you.

Bryan, is a actor. Most recently he plays a character, Sal in Mad Men.   A closet gay art director in the ad agency.  He has done broadway shows such as CATS, Beauty and the Beast. He is a activist in many organizations that he supports.  Bryan and his partner of twenty years both own Hazelnut.   A accessory and fine gift boutique.

 I have been wanting to see the show Mad Men. This gave me a excuse to finally see the show. I finished watching the first season and starting to watch the second. I hope to finish all three before the fourth season starts. If you have not seen Mad Men on AMC you should check it out.  The new season starts in July. Unfortunately Salvatore is not on the show. But who nows like everything else in the show.  They may surprise you and bring him back.

This is the character of Salvatore Romono. He looks like a mafiosa. I was so surprised by the transformation of Bryan Batt to Salvatore.  Me personally, I think he is handsome.  How gorgeous with a beautiful chiselled bone structure.


Thank you for allowing me to review. My review copy is from Bryan Batt.  This was a great read.

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