Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tell Me When It Is Over!! Public Speaking

I am back in school. I am taking only three classes, but it is intense. I am taking Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Public Speaking, and Math.

This may not seem so intimidating to you. But, I don't like speaking in front of the class, period. We have to prepare for a class for speech.

For those of you that like to be front and center. This is just the class for you.
But for me to speak in front of 20 young students. It is hard for someone that is middle age. Making a fool of myself with people that are mainly my son's age.

We have to do four types of delivery of speech. For one minute, I have to memorize something. For 30 seconds have to read a piece. Then the 3rd is prepare something and allowed to use notes. The last is something that is spontenous that the teacher knows. I am terrified.

It would not be so terrible if I was not taking the classses I am taking A/P and Math. Have not been in a math class for over 20 years. I just have to get over my jitters and stop stressing. It is easier said then done.

Wish me luck!!

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