Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Flash Club

The Hot Flash Club
By Nancy Thayer

This book, was recommended by a friend of mine. The Hot Flash Club came at the best time. After reading the most depressing book. I needed to read something that was comical. I have had this book on my book shelf, but did not pick up until now.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is over 50.  Anyone adjusting to to a few wrinkles here, a few there. Some rolls hanging there.  Competition in the office, your darling daughter having some problems. She wants to move home. You are the only one that understands me. Wow is me, I want the house to myself.  I don't want to share the house with anyone any longer. The husband caught cheating.

If you can relate to this, this book is for you. 

Faye, Marilyn, Shirley, and Alice meet at a party. They all form a club called the Hot Flash Club. The four ladies start discussing their lives. They come to a conclusion we can help each other out.
"I think Alice, there's a way we can help one another. "We've got four problems, Faye you want to know whether your son-in-law's having a affair with the secretary at his law firm." Fine Shirley, you need help with legal and financial matters, right. I want to find out if the brat is after my job, and fourth Marilyn, you want to find out  your son's finacee, Lila Eastbrook is after your son for his money.  Look we can all each solve someone else's problems.  Oh, this sounds like fun. Faye, cried out, fishing out a ice cube from her glass and rubbing it across her neck, which turned red.  She cried out, " Hot Flash". That's it, Alice said we will call our selves The Hot Flash Club. With a piece of Chocolate cake at the end of her fork into the air, Let's toast to The Hot Flash Club".
So the four interwined into each of their lives and problems. Faye applies for a job as a housekeeper to find out for Marlyn if her son's fiancee is after something else.    Alice in the meantime help Marilyn to change her style of dress, hair makeup.

Faye, is a artist her husband has passed away.  Her daughter comes back home with her grand daughter. Faye fears that her son in law is having a affair.  Later on in the novel. She wants her life back. There is a way to help her daughter and herself at the same time. I don't want to spoil the rest.

Alice fears that Allison is younger and trying to get her fired. In the meantime Alice falls hard for a new man,Gideon.

Shirley wants to jump start her Massage business.  She under charges her clients. She keeps her money stashed at home with out investing her money.  Alice volunteers to help Shirley to re-organize her massage business.

The end of the novel,   It feels like a three ring circus, a lot of yelling, discussions, sweet revenge. The four of them get revenge, and it is satisfying for most of them.They all get their
just desserts and it is satisfying!!! It all wraps up in a neat package.

I loved this book I would recommend this to us ladies over 50.  It is just a fun read.  There are more to this series and I am going to read the next one.

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