Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Long Wait is Over-Mad Men

Season 4 of Mad Men began on Sunday night at 10 PM.  Not sure if I like the new concept of starting their own advertising firm and Betty's relationship.  He seems so dull, compared to Don.

  She doesn't seem to understand anything around her. Except for children to be little dolls and behave.

I was a young girl in the early 60's. There wasn't children's and women's rights until 1970's.. Luckily things have changed. But I do remember appearance and etiquette was important to your parents.    Luckily parents now a days don't rely on their children's appearances and good manners to make them look like good parents. Not like the 60's.

The advertising firm from season 1 to season 4 is very different. The last past season's Cooper's firm was very professional.  Now, the new firm is very personal.  The employees are talking to each other like they are old buds.  Calling each other by their first name.  Walking into offices without knocking.   We will just have to see as the show moves on.

So, what is your take on Season 4? Was the anticipation worth it?  Were you disappointed?  Did you like, or not like Season 4.  What do you think of Betty and Don's new estranged relationship? What did you think of the new firm? Did you like it better with the old firm? Like to hear what you have to say.


Carin S. said...

Love it! I especially loved the very end of the episode. I do think Betty's new marriage is odd now but will blow up soon (can't wait!) Love that Joan is back in the office. Hope she kicks hubby to the curb soon. Want Sal to come back. (I've heard good things about the book the actor recently wrote about his mother.) Love Peggy's new hairdo. In fact, I want it myself, but I'm sure it requires more time and effort than I'm wlling to put in. During MM season, on Mondays I wear a 60s inspired dress to work every week. Yesterday it was a sleeveless boatneck dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt, belted. Next week I might go for a more Joan-esque dress, more on the snug side.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

Love that you wear the 1960's inspired outfit. That is a great idea if I got friends to come over to watch a episode. Mad Men party. I agree with Peggy's new look. And like you I am glad that Joan is back. Would love to see Sal back. I don't know if you saw that I did read his book. It was a fun read. Glad you stopped by to comment.

Marie said...

I've never seen Mad Men but it sure does look like fun. It has such a fan base, LOL!

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