The Castaways-Book Reviews

The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand

The novel is about 4 couples of the inner circle that live on Nantucket Island.
 Chief( Ed), Andrea, Jeffrey, Delilah, Addison, Phoebe try to figure out the events that led to the tragic death of Tess and Greg. Tess and Greg leave behind their twin children.

The 4 couples are a close knit group they don't do anything without each other. They party together, spend time vacationing together, they don't do anything without each other knowing about it.

 They all have their story to tell. Each one shares the idea, and speculation and gossip why it is their fault some thing happened to their friends.

Greg is a music teacher in the high school. One of his students starts a rumor that he seduced her.  This starts all the trouble in his marriage, and the community, and is talked about in the entire novel.

Tess is married to Greg but she is having a affair with Addison.
Addison is married to Phoebe. He is having a hard time dealing with his marriage to Phoebe since her twin brother died on 9/11. Phoebe and Addison have been trying to get pregnant without success.

Andrea is the cousin to Tess she is very conservative. She has two children. She was engaged to Jeff, the farmer but instead Jeff married Delilah.. She married  Ed, the police chief.

Delilah is a free spirit. She works with Greg in a bar and grill. There are plenty of times she comes home drunk. Delilah is in love with Greg.

This is just a line or two about each couple. If you want to find out what other dirt is in the novel you will just have to read it.

My thoughts: I enjoyed reading The Castaways. It was like watching a soap opera.
It did not disappoint me.  I kept wanted to read more.  This was a perfect getaway book that you don't want to put down. The characters were multi-dimensional.  I can see this as a jumping off point to discuss marriage, and infidelity.

 I read her other book Barefoot and loved that one too.  I bought Summer Affair and now The Island. I can't wait to start that one.  Soon it will time to go back to literary fiction.  School will be back in session and it will be back to the old dull text books again.  But, for now I will read a few more fun summer reads.

Thank you Marian from Hachette books for this copy.


bermudaonion said…
Elin Hilderbrand's books are great summer reading! Glad you enjoyed this one!
Jew Wishes said…
Thanks for the great review, Susan!

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