Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bringing Home the Birkin: Book Review


Bringing Home the Birkin
 By  Michael Tonello

The memoir, is about Michael, a makeup artist. The book is about Michael's escapades in Europe.  He is living in Ptown, and goes on a trip to Barcellona. He decides that he has been working in the US too long.  He doesn't know what he wants to do. But he wants to live in Barcellona. He tells his room mate that he is going to move. He packs up his things and puts them in storage.  He travels to Europe with literally, not much of anything. He doesn't know what kind of work he is going to do.  On a fluke, he goes on ebay, and puts some of his hermes scarves up for auction.  He doesn't think anything will happen. He finds out he is totally wrong. He can't believe that they want it.   He does this for awhile. He becomes friendly with some of his buyers. One of his buyer's Grace gives him a idea.

On a fluke he buys some more scarves and then he gets a hold of one birkin bag. He buys the birkin bag and then resells them on ebay. Because the Birkin is on a two year waiting list.   One bag becomes another and another.  Most people are told that there are a limited number of these bags per year. He learns it is supply and demand and the hot pursuit.

Once he goes into the stores and makes a purchase of more than $1000 he will get his foot in the door.  He will be able to purchase the bags.  The book is a fun romp about how he gets around Europe to buy these bags. What kind of person to look out for. What person he can get his foot in the door. What person would not.   The fun part is the traveling, buying, the stores, and the people he sells to on ebay. He then gets a friend of a friend to go in business with him. What to do, How to do it? etc, etc?

What kind of person would buy this bag? The bag is considered, the bag for the Rich and Famous. All these famous celebrities have one.

Do they buy the bag for the thrill? Do they really need or want the bag? The bag is a status symbol.   Some of these women have 100 of these bags, it is just crazy.  A bag can go for 8,000 for a standard one, to 30,000 for a croc, as much as $200,0000 for the diamonds on the label and lock. Come on that is just crazy.... People don't know what to do with their money.

The spoiler: I kid you not, Michael had his bag held hostage for awhile.  Then one of his customers told him about buying one. It turns out, it is the same bag that was being held up hostage. YIKES

At the end Michael discovers he does not want to have this kind of luxury life. There is lots of stress and not any fun. Carrying all those bags from a business trip, is a lot to carry. He discovers the money is great but he is not having fun with his boyfriend, Juan. Life should not be so serious.    After his mother dies from Cancer. He realizes he doesn't want to do this anymore.  He doesn't have the passion that he once had.

I had fun reading this book.  This would have been a great summer read.  It is exactly the kind of book I was looking for since starting school.  I can't imagine anyone buying a purse for that kind of money. But people don't know what to do with their millions. I had fun with reading the fashion, about the rich and famous spend their millions.  I can fantasize can't I.

Here is the link about the Birkin Bag, a video on CBS news.  The link at wikpedia gives you information about the Birkin bag here.

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