South Carolina is Cold!!!

This is the second year that we are actually cold, I  mean C-O-L-D!!  The last few years I did not mind the cold. But this year, maybe because I am getting older. I am feeling like the retirees that live here.  I used to not mind the cold.  But, I do now.  It is suppose to be cold till Friday and then warm up!!! Haleluah!!!

Last year I moved to a new apartment that has a fireplace. Since it has gotten cold( I am talking about the teens) we started using the fireplace.  It was so nice and warm and toasty.  Our cat, is just sitting in front of the fireplace contented.  What a warm and cozy feeling.

Yesterday I felt a sore throat, coming on.    So today was a good  cooking day for my cold. The good aromas of Chicken Soup, for me  and beef stew for David.

 Then after all the cooking I did I sat down to a old fashioned movie. Then after I will hit the books for a few hours. I am wrapping myself in my PJ's and a blanket.

 In my reading life, I am reading a good" grab me book" for our book club. The book is The Girl She Used to Be. I am enjoying reading it.

Keep Warm everybody


Marie said…
hope you feel better & it warms up!
I am sure it must be colder where you are. How is the weather in Boston? I waiting for the cold, to totally hit me. I just have a few sneezes and sore throat. I am hoping that is all I get. Especially now, that I have two exams coming up Monday.
Jew Wishes said…
Ah, chicken cures the cold we feel from the weather, and so many other issues.

Shabbat Shalom.

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