Monday, December 13, 2010

Table Of Contents: Book Review

What a good pairing, authors, and their recipes.

I received a  copy of Table of Contents by Judy Gelman and Vicky Levy Krupp, from the authors of Book Club Cookbook.

Every book club should have a copy. But, even if you are not in a book club it is a nice book to read about your favorite authors. I had fun reading all about them. There are 50 authors and their recipes that they have put in the book. The authors give your recipes to go with their books. The recipes are from meat loaf, to beverages.

I like the way the book was written, with the author's picture and the books they have published and about to be published. There are a few questions asked and the recipes. What inspired you to choose the title of the book, Who was the writer that influenced you the most. What would you like your readers to know about you.

What is your writing process.  I did think that Julia Glass had a very interesting perspective. Her answer is, day dreaming. I love her words" Marinating in your own thoughts". I just love the way she put that. Every author had a different answer for their writing process.

  I want to try Elinor Lippman's, recipe for the Kugel.  I have had Kugels before, this I never heard of with the casserole and then a topping.  My Kugel, is all mixed together.  It does sound very good.

  Anita Diamant, her writing process is dance and movement.
She mentions,American diets would never think about having a Israeli Salad for breakfast.  In Israel, the Americans eat it while visiting. But when they come back to the states they go back to their old routine.  As I was reading it I was visualizing the colorful breakfast plate, with the sun shining in
.All those pretty colors in the morning on your breakfast plate with scrambled eggs. I think she may have started something. I am willing to try that with my family and friends and see what they say. Who says you can't. It should be healthy.  It is just what we are used to.

The only thing, I wish there were pictures of the recipes in the book.  I don't think it would stop me from buying the book. But it would have been a added bonus.  In the back of the book is book pairing with the recipes.

Thank you Judy and Vicki for allowing me to review. I am planning on making a book basket with Table of Contents, and also adding Anita Diamant's latest novel that she sent me for the auction as well. I can't wait to see the finished product.  See who wins this.

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bermudaonion said...

What could be better than books and food? This book sounds fantastic!

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