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I Broke Down and Bought The Nook!!

I finally did it after much himming and hawing I broke down and bought the Nook.  It took me over two years to finally make a decision. I always said I would not buy one. I like the physical beauty of a book. I like the touch, smell and roughness and actual turning of the pages. 

I did see the Kindle on Amazon. But I did not like the idea that you could not see it until it was sent to you. Or you could set up a meeting to meet someone that had one. I talked to a few people that owned electric readers. They all told me that the Kindle was great. But, I also heard that your files were easily lost. You could not share download for each of your electronics( phone, e reader, computer etc.)  between your computer and the Kindle.  That what turned me off.

I did see, up front and personally the Kindle in Best Buy but it did thrill me.  For the past year I have been bugging the employees to show me the demonstration of the Nook.  But I just did not want to pay the price of $358.  But when al…