Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Thoughts on The Black Swan

The Black Swan is about a ballerina, Nina, played by Natalie Portman. She won the role as Prima ballerina for Swan Lake.  She was chosen for the role as the lead ballerina for the "Black Swan", in Tchaivosky's Swan Lake. That is where the problem begins, with the competitveness of the other dancers.

There are many emotions of joy, sadness, madness, and sexual awakening,jealousy, and the competitiveness being #1, being perfect without any flaws, that is explored in this movie.

If you are not open minded, you will most likely not enjoy seeing this movie. The movie goes over the top, and explores emotions you would not typiclly see in a major production.  This movie, is independent ,it went past the boundaries.

First off, I love cultural events, and of course ballet is in that catagory.  That said, you can imagine it grabbed me from the start.   Swan Lake, was my first , and favorite balllet I saw at the MET in NYC, with Barishnowkov.  A famous male ballet dancer in Russia.  There was a lot of controversy about that story.  You can google it for more info.

At the time when I first heard about the movie, Black Swan, I thought what was the great raves  about. I love ballet anyway, I would go. But, I heard Natalie Portman was in this movie. I thought of her in Star Wars, she is a mediocre actress. But after seeing the movie I understood.

                                            Her ACTING WAS SUPERB!!!

The movie was very bizarre. But, after digesting some of the bizarre moments. I Loved It!!!
The acting was wonderful as well as the costumes. I have never seen a movie, that I don't know what to expect, except when a movie is suspense. 

  I don't want to give you specifics and ruin the movie. But if you have seen the movie and you would like to discuss it with me on my blog, you can leave a comment.  The is the first time, that I can only give you a glimpse of the movie as I will spoil it. 

To have a better understanding of the movie, Black Swan google Swan Lake.


bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a movie to see with a friend so it can be discussed afterward.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

Yes, but at first you are speechless, without anything to say. I am glad I saw this alone. Now, next week I am going with my friends to see it. Then I can talk with them about it.

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