Monday, February 21, 2011

Alice I Have Been
By Melanie Benjamin

First of all, this is my first book review. My name is Tara, and I am the girlfriend of Susan's son, David. I have been reading some books out of her massive collection and she asked if i would like to write on her blog as well. Of course I said yes, tho I am nervous as to how my first review will turn out.

Alice I Have Been, tells the story of Alice Liddell Hargreaves approaching 81 and looking back on her life. For those of you who are known to have a bit of precipitation around the eye area in the midst of a somewhat saddening book, be forewarned. You should expect cloudy with a light drizzle when reading this book. Do not expect a happy ending, because this is NOT the fairy tale of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, but rather the real Alice. The one for whom the story was written, the story of Alice Liddell in the 3 most signifying and relevant stages of her life.
     The story starts out when she is a young girl. She was wild, outgoing, and crazy in love for someone quite a bit older than she. This part will make you wonder a bit and then drop off suddenly just as you're expecting it to tell you exactly what happens. But fret not, it will eventually let you in on the secret. After a brief expedition into her childhood, it moves on to when she is in her early 20's and a bit more ladylike and practical then her younger self, but doesn't that usually happen to us all? This part of the novel tells you about her quest for love and marriage and then the sudden unexpected loss of 2 loves in her life. (HINT: One is a family member and the other is the loss of the marriage she thought she would have.) Then after that saddening beat-down, it picks back up in her older years, telling of the man she ended up marrying and the children they had. This part also includes some very saddening losses as well.
     Nearing the end of the book, she spends most of her time sad and thinking back on her life, and eventually accepting her title as Alice, the girl who went to Wonderland. I felt this was a very good, well thought out book. It will definitely keep you guessing and wondering what happens next. It leaves you hanging sometimes, but don't freak out, everything is explained in the end and it will all make sense. Enjoy. Let me know how you liked my blog. And if you read the book, let me know your thoughts and opinions on it.

Thanks for reading!
Tara of Seaside Book Corner


bermudaonion said...

It's nice to see your guest review, Tara! The book sounds wonderful! I hope I can read it soon.

Tara said...

thank you! i hope you do, let me know how you like it. :)

joemmama said...

Excellent review Tara! I have this book on my night table and it is going to the top of the pile. Thanks!

Tara said...

im glad to hear it. happy reading! :D

Grant B. said...

Great post!

Cathy said...

Hi Tara: I read "Alice I Have Been" and loved it. I would not have picked this book for myself, but when I finished it, I would have to say "I am glad I read that"

Tara said...

@Grant B. thank you very much and i will definitely check out your blog.
@Cathy- I'm glad to hear you decided to read a book that you wouldn't have normally picked for yourself and loved it. Variety is a good thing and I'm glad you all have enjoyed this book

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