Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Passes, at 79

Elizabeth Taylor, is from old Hollywood.  Old Hollywood, contracted their stars. They were locked in to a certain studio, unless you were borrowed out.   Studios don't contract stars any longer. It is harder to get into the business. But, back in her time you were with a studio, for( Elizabeth Taylor was with a studio for 7 years) x about of years.

When you think of Elizabeth Taylor, What do you think of? Luxury, Extravagence, money, many husbands, glamor, scandals, and most of all a gutsy, DIVA.  She had many health problems. She was married 8 times. Yes, you heard me 8 times. She was married to a senator,  married to Richard Burton twice
(us middle age society, should remember this). Her husband Todd died very young. She hooked up with Eddie Fisher(Debbie Reynold's husband and the daughter of Carrie Fisher). That was a big scandal in the 1950's.

She had many health issues, starting with a fall, during the the production of National Velvet. She had several other health issues, as well.

  Her work in charity was enormous.  Her close friendship with Rock Hudson, ( a hollywood actor), led her on her crusade work with AIDS.  Her questionable relationship with Michael Jackson, and some other actors as well.

She received two Oscars for her work, Butterfly 8, and The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof.

Here are some of the movies I remember her in. She was in many more, but I am a bit young to remember her older movies.

National Velvet( if you never saw it, you should check it out)
A couple Lassie Movies
Jane Eyre
Little Women
Father of the Bride( loved it).
Place in the Sun
Suddenly Last Summer
Cleopatra( highest production movie). With Richard Burton. Time when the scandal of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor( Both were married to other people).
Rain Tree County
Giant( great movie)

Later on in her life she stopped acting in movies.  But, she acted on T. V. Soap Operas. She loved General Hospital. She asked to be fitted in the show a few times. She loved, the Luke and Laura story.

 She became involved with producing perfumes, one you may know as White Diamonds.  She produced her own jewelry. She is known for extravagances of  beautiful clothes, jewels and furs. Her gutsy attitudes. There will never be another person like Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was very ill the last few years.  Her face was on the cover, of the Enquierer a coupe weeks ago. I didn't  want to remember her that way. I walked right by the magazine ignoring it. Thinking another tabloid, trying to make a mighty buck. But, this time they were right she was ill. But I did not want to believe it.

  She passed away from Congestive Heart Failure.  She was at home with her family at her beside when she passed away.  I will remember you, LIZ. You did it your way.

Anyone that wants to add any thing in my comments you are welcome. If you want to add your thoughts too. Please do.


Suko said...

Very nice post on Elizabeth Taylor, She was a stunning woman with violet eyes and a colorful life.

Marie said...

RIP Elizabeth Taylor. She was a unique woman.

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