Fun With Books This Week

I  had a busy week, not with school or work this time, but with my blogging and books.  First I have been trying to update my blog by adding a few more blogging friends to my blog roll. I actually was reading a few posts on the blogs and the professional book bloggers as well.

Tara and I went to my favorite book store, Litchfield Books( Independent book store in Litchfield, SC). I had a great time. Spent too much of course that I shouldn't have. I love getting recommendations from the ladies. It was the first time they asked me about the buzz in cyberspace. WOW, that made me feel good.  The ladies told me that they were so close to get Lisa See to come to Litchfield, but that didn't work out.

The books, that were recommended to me were:
Of Course, The Tiger Wife by Tea Obert
Underfishbone Clouds by Sam Meekings
Violin of Auschwitz by Maria Angels Anglada
Friday's Daughter by Patricia Sprinkle
The Dressmaker of Khair Khana by Gayle Tzemack Lemmon.

I like to read the independent book circular put out by Indie Bound. It is full of recommendations.  For the book clubs, they recommended Still Alice, The Help and Half Broken Horse, Olive Kitteridge, Fludd, Same Kind of Different of Me, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter& Sweet, and Sarah's Key.

I broke down and bought The Tea Wife and Sworn to Silence( finally came out in paper back).

The ladies in the book store were talking about the SC Literary Book Festival set for May. I hope to go this time. There are many authors I would like to see. The last time I went to a book festival, it was in Miami Fl. about 16 years ago. It was a blast, and a lot of fun.  That is when I did not know anything about the book world.  I only knew about reading books.

  It is two hours to get to Columbia from Myrtle Beach. If anyone has ever been please leave comments to tell me your experience.

I  recieved in my mailbox this week two Jewish books.
 One already out called the Curable Romantic by Joseph Skilball.  This book, has been nominated for Sami Rohr Award for fiction. These other authors have been nominated:
This year’s finalists for the fifth annual Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature are:

Allison Amend – Stations West
Nadia Kalman – The Cosmopolitans
Julie Orringer – The Invisible Bridge
Austin Ratner – The Jump Artist
Joseph Skibell – A Curable Romantic

I can't wait to read this one. I recieved a review copy. I am so looking forward to this one.  Below you will find a impressive bio of Talia Carner.   I will be writing more about her book on my Jewish reads. You may find her on face book, her book is to be released by Harper Collins on May 31.

The other novel by Talia Carner called Jerusalem Maiden.  I am looking forward to both books. I will tell you more about both book on my Jewish Reviews in a couple days.   Jerusalem Maiden is published by Harper Collins, it will be published on May 31. I am sure it will be a fabulous read.  Her bio is very impressive.


Before turning to fiction writing, Talia Carner worked for Redbook magazine and served as the publisher of Savvy Woman magazine.

 Carner’s activities in women’s organizations led to her participation at the 1995 International Women’s Conference in Beijing, where she learned of the atrocities of The Dying Rooms—the Chinese orphanages where the documented death rate was 80%—and about the U.S.’s courts betrayal of molested children. Helping African women to develop a campaign against clitoridectomy, she was exposed to the plight of women in societies that subjected millions of girls to this brutal mutilation. Her education about violence against women continued when she assisted Indian women in a campaign to end the burning of brides over dowry disputes.

For my blog, I have been working on my blog and adding other blogs to my blog roll, and just reading around cyberspace. But, alas I have to work tomorrow. I have been trying to catch up on my reading.
I am half down with my book club book that is done soon. I am enjoying reading this one. I am reading All Other Nights by Dara Horn.

Great news, spring break is this week. I am surrounded by happy people!! Must be the time change. College students are here for spring break too. Seems like Spring IS IN THE AIR!!! The Pear Trees are blooming and I am seeing daffodils.

Happy Reading!!!


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