Friday, May 6, 2011

Charlie the Ranch Dog: Children's Book Review

Charlie the Ranch Dog
By Dee Drummond

Charlie, is a ranch dog on Ree Drummond's farm. Ree, manages and owns her blog, called Pioneer Woman. If you have never been to the her site you should check it out. Full of her experiences with her cowboy, and her kids, and their farm. She has many recipes to share as well. She has written a cookbook and a memoir. This is her first children's book. It is marvelous.
The picture book is lovely. The illustrations are not too childish. I loved the story of Charlie and Suzy. Charlie makes you think he does all the work. Getting up early in the morning, chasing the cows where they are suppose to be, cattle to round up, sniffing for critters, helping with the garden, etc. But, who do you think really is doing the work? Does Charlie save the day? You will have to read Charlie, the Ranch hand to find o
This is a simple story that I would think all children would love. Especially Charlie and the droopy ears,
I don't have small children in my house any longer, but my grown son of 20 thought it was a cute story.  I showed him the book and he read it. He said he liked the illustrations. This is a "boy's book".

This is my first time reviewing a picture book. Tell me what you think? What would you like me to focus on. I know how to write reviews for adults. But, children's books are different.
I would like to thank Harper Collins for sending me, Charlie The Ranch Hand...

Below is a picture of the real Charlie, you can follow his antics on Pioneer Woman's blog.

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bermudaonion said...

Reviewing picture books is hard and you did a great job! I'll have to look for this book for my great-nephew.

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