Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keep the Faith Susan and Abby

I would like to share with my book bloggers and readers, Jewish and non- Jewish readers. You can read the article on CNN. Susan has been a good friend to me when I moved to Myrtle Beach.

She has been tested so many different times in the last few years.  I still remember how happy Susan was anticipating both her two daughters giving birth a few months apart. She was so excited.  Everything was fine. 

 Susan and a few of us went to the movies.  Right before we went in she recieved news that everything was fine. She was leaving to go to California  in the next few days. Susan's husband, Paul a physician came a few days later. As far as they knew everything was fine

When they arrived at the hospital they recieved the devasting news.  The hospital made a terrible mistake.  I am still not sure, why but she gave birth to triplets naturally.   After the birth she hemmorraged in her brain that left her in a coma.

I called Susan, the next day not knowing what happened. I heard screaming in the background when I called.   That must have been the terrible news Susan recieved when I called.

She has had many different kinds of rehabilitation and treatments. The medical care has been extensive. Before Susan came back to Myrtle Beach with her daughter, they renovated the house to fit Abby's needs.

Since then Susan has been fighting for her daughter's well being. She has a powerful faith, and determination to help her daughter get better.   Abby, has come a long way since 2005.

But, the sad story is there a legal battle between her daughter, and son-in-law. All they want is for their daughter to be able to see their children. What possible reason could a father not allow his children to see their mother.  The longer they are not allowed to see their children, the harder it will be for them later on.

I don't think Dan Dorn sees the ramifications of not allowing visitation rights for his children. I don't think he has his children's interests at heart.   In the long run his children will despise him for not allowing them not to see her.  Not telling them the truth. Who is he really protecting?? 
 But, she never gives up her powerful faith, and, power of love to Abby.  Susan keeps on fighting.

The lawsuit will be going to trial on May 13th. Hashem will be protecting the Cohen family and g-d willing the Judge will allow Abby to see her children finally.

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