Friday, May 6, 2011

Water for Elephants: Movie Review

Water for Elephants: The movie.
I saw the movie, Water for Elephants about a week ago.  I was so looking forward to seeing this movie. I couldn't wait, since I was in love with the book. I loved the character piece, depression era. Not many books have characters in the circus.  Those are the few points that I liked. 

This is the things I was not particularly found of:

Reminded me of the Titanic. It was nice to see Hal Holbrook.  Old movie veteran( great actor). But, I did not like they took the aspect of the circus and talked about the past.  The old man reminicing about the past. Like in the Titanic, it was Old Rose reminicing about her past.

 The main characters were pleasant to look at. But, the characters were so flat, and dull. I felt like it was a waste of two hours of my time. It could have been the anticipation of the movie. Knowing what was going to happen anyway.


Alissa said...

Thanks for saving me $10 and 2 hours! I loved the book, thought it was fantastic!

I wonder what they will do to the book The Help? Yikes....

Missy B. said...

What a disappointment!! I loved the book as well, and was excited to see the movie. I have heard many mixed reviews, many of them like yours. This is a case of the book definitely being better than the movie.

Marie said...

sorry this didn't work out for you. i haven't read the book yet but i love reese witherspoon and i'll probably go see it.

bermudaonion said...

I thought the movie was okay - there was just no chemistry between the actors.

Eesti said...

I never expected Water for Elephants to be something I would like to read. I saw it on recommended lists for so long that I finally read some reviews. After reading the reviews, I started to read it.....but not for long. I couldn't put the book down. And, I'm really hoping Sara Gruen starts writing more novels..I love her writing style. This is definitely going to be one of my first recommended books to anyone asking for a good book to read.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

I am glad you liked her book, the movie was terrible. But what made the movie was the costumes, and era of time, and the pretty actors and actresses. Who does like to see Reese Witherspoon on screen.

Sara Gruen has written another novel called the Ape House. Have not heard the reviews. I bought it a couple of years ago. Have not had a chance to read it,with the many books on my shelf.

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