David Baldacci at Pawleys Island, SC

I went with my friend Amy to go to see David Baldacci, at his book tour, One Summer. I have never read any of his books. But, I have heard that he writes awesome stories.
I have recieved a few books as galleys from publishers, but have not had a chance to read any of his work. 

I have been to several book events at different book stores, where I lived, in northern New Jersey. I had seen some authors, through the independent book stores. I was able to see Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, and the greatest Sidney Sheldon.  My knowledge, how book events are run is not a novel thing.

I have been to Farleigh Dickinson University, where I have seen some great literary giants, such as Margaret Atwood.   At these events you learn how they write, and learn about the writer.  

In the last couple years I have gone to the Moveable Feast, it is hosted by the independent book store called Litchfield Books, and the local gallery, in Pawleys Island in SC.

The Moveable Feast is geared more for the retirees that live here in the tourist area of the Grand Strand.
A luncheon, and the guest speaker( the author). The cost to attend is a hefty price tag of $25. This does not include the book. Both times I was happy about the guest speaker, but the meal was not worth the time. But, the guest speaker made up for the value of the meal.

A couple of years ago, I went to see Sue Monk Kidd speak at Pawleys Island Community Church.  This year, I decided to go with my friend to see Mr. Baldacci.  You could either buy the book and this included the book event at Pawleys Island. I did not buy the book, I paid $10 entrance fee to see him.

The book tour was very different than what I was used to. He was very entertaining. He did not talk much about his books. He talked about his charitable organizations for literacy, called Wish You Well, and what he does for the local food banks.  What we found out a bit late, if you wanted to donate books, there was a box to place books to his organization. He also is planning with a couple other authors, like Jodi Picoult, and one other author, raising money for Mark Twain Foundation in the fall, at one of the universities in Conn.

Mr. Baldacci, I found out in most likely in his 50's. Too good looking to be that age. Unless he had plastic surgery, which may be possible. I could not stop staring.

He talked about his beginnings as a writer. When people started reading his books. What it was like to get on a airplane, and they were reading his novels.  Compare him to John Grisham, pretty funny.  He mentioned that one fan, told him he's books were too predictable. He did not find that out till the last page, but it was still predictable.  The story, that stands out to me was when he was with President Bush senior, and his wife in Maine. It was pretty unbelievable.  The parachute story was pretty funny as well. If you plan on going to Mr. Baldacci's book tour, plan to be laughing the entire time.

I was not expecting this at the event. I thought he was going to talk about his books. He was more of a comedian.   Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. But, I go for the literary talks rather than comedy. But, I still had fun.

There was something published a week ago in The New York Times. The question came out should book stores charge for authors coming? First, I did not know that most authors the publishers pay for their expenses.  I don't know what is right or wrong. But, when you buy something, you want to see it first, like a car. You want to test it out, the same goes for the book.

 Most people want to buy a cheaper book somewhere else.  But, when you are buying the book cheaper you are supporting the author, and the publisher.  But, shouldn't a person get to see the author since he or she bought the book.?but online. In some respects I do see the independent book stores view, they do need to make their money. But then the buyer is out in the cold. She/he did buy the book, but not from the seller. I wonder what is right.

But, here is SC,We don't have a lot of choices. So I pay. But up north, there are other options.  Personally, I want to help the independent book store.  But, I hear alot from my book store friends they are angry. That he charges. What do you think? Leave your comment. This is a heated subject, if you get vulgar, nasty I will delete it, fair warning.

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I like his stuff.

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