Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 75th B-day to Gone With The Wind

Today marks the anniversary of the publication of Gone With The Wind.
There is special documentary, American Rebel. After the program there is a live chat on television broadcasting in Georgia. You don't have to travel far, just go to your computer. Here is the link to the program it starts tonight only at 8 PM. 

If you are interested google, Margaret Mitchell and Gone With The Wind.   There is are many resources on Margaret Mitchell and her book( only book written). There is a interesting site called, The Margaret Mitchell House, in Atlanta Georgia. If you are a fan, and live near the area that is a nice place to start

. She was a fascinating woman.  She was a rebel, and a  feminist before there was a name for that.

I have been a big fan of Margaret Mitchell. Loved the movie. But never read it. I think it is time to read it. It has been sitting at my TBR for quite awhile.  There is a biography written recently also, if you are interested.

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Marie said...

I love the book and the movie. They are true American classics!

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