Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another One Hits The Dust: Borders Book Store

Today is a sad day for the publishing industry and the book business. Most of the stores that are still in existance are questioning, will we still be in business, with E-books on the rise. Will patrons still buy a physical book. What happened to Borders? Will it happen to us?

My experience with Borders was living up north, in Paramus NJ.  Beside Borders at Garden State Mall, we had two, yes I said two Barnes and Noble one different sides of the road, on Rt. 17, a mile apart.
We also did have a few independent book stores, one in Ridgewood, NJ, called Bookends.  Then another one in Wycoff. Don't remember the name of that one.

I preferred going to BN, instead of Borders. I liked going to Borders for the the events. But, I did not like the layout. Barnes and Noble had the large couches and oversized chairs, and it had a comfy feeling.  Borders did not, and either does the Indies. I left NJ about 10 years ago.

Now, that I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. We do have a Barnes and Noble, It used to be in Myrtle Beach, but since 2 years ago BN moved at the Market Commons( upscale shopping).  The new store is sharp, and modern.  With lots of chairs, and comfy. We also have a nice coffee shop there.  

Most of the employees there, I have known for years. Since I moved to SC. It is the same people and feels like home.  Sorry, to say I am not going to miss Borders. But, it is sad to hear of the closing.

It makes you wonder what happened. Did the competition of the big book chains cause the defunk.  I am talking of BN, Amazon.

What is going to happen to the physical stores? Is what is going to happen to Blockbuster going to happen to the book stores? You will use the store to download your books?  Personally, I don't think this is the end of the physical book. I have the Nook, and use it occassionally. But, I still love the physical book. I like when you can flip the pages back if you forget something. I can't figure the fangled thing, and takes too long to highlight. I would rather take a marker and highlight a book. But, I like a nook when I am going to the beach, or if I was traveling.

I think with the closing of Borders, publishers, and authors are taking stock. Thinking the end of book stores is near. I hope not!! Maybe the next generation. My generation still likes the physical book.


caite said...

I actually agree that B&N have nicer, more comfy stores..but the one nearest tome is about an hours drive..and we are talking an hour of NJ driving..away. The Borders was just about 15 minutes away, 5 minutes from my office. So I will miss it..

Marie said...

What's happening to Borders is because of years of mismanagement on many fronts. It would have happened with or without ebooks.

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