Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Club Discussion: Butterfly's Daughter

 I thought I would post this for a laugh today. Look Above. 

Our book club, 38th Ave. Diva Readers, met today.

What a book club it was. The last time we had this kind of meeting, was when Benay hosted it at our temple. We had 18 ladies attend. As you can imagine, when many ladies show up, it is a gathering.

The one thing I decided if more than 8 ladies were showing up, I would do just the usual munchies. But, because I thought only 6-8 were coming I would make it more elaborate. What a mistake, all of sudden 11 people show up. like always, some people didn't RSVP. Luckily I had made enough food.

But despite the large number of 11 ladies, only two did not show up. I was hosting this one.  If you follow this blog you all know I read this a few months ago.  One of the book club rules: you must read the book before suggesting it.

I personally don't like this rule, because I don't like re-reading the book again.

I decided I was going to do a food theme, based on the book, Mexican.  There was lots of food themes to go with the book. But, I decided, main course would be Taco Salad.   I modified the recipe added cilantro, black beans, and corn with the meat mixture, then added lime.  I got the greatest compliments. Our members called to find out my secret ingredients, LOL!!, We are all Jewish ladies, some of our book club ladies follows kosher dietary laws. I decided to make Tuna Fish Taco Salad for the ladies that follow Kosher dietary rules.

I love flan, when I lived in Miami I used to be able to get it easily. But, in Myrtle Beach, not as easy.  I found a recipe on line was intimidated. My son's Friend Dylan, helped me make the flan.  I am not a baker, I did not realize you can liquify sugar. Learn something new everyday,me dummy.  Anyway, he did a great job. Every one loved it. There was none left.

On to the discussion.  The person that suggests the book is the person that leads the discussion and hosts it, thats me this month.   Most everyone enjoyed reading the book. Because of learning about the metamorphisis of the butterfly, the migration, etc.

The parallel story about the Journey of Luz and her friends. Reminded me of Thelma and Louise. The life lessons Luz learned along the way.

Some members did recall, something amazing happening. One of our members, Benay recalled when her sister died, a butterfly showed up. She told us she did not believe it was her sister, but her daughter's spirit. But then two other butterfly's showed up, she believed it was her parent's spirit.   This book is amazing and brings up so many beliefs and emotions.

A couple members felt the story was so contrived. I did not pay attention to that. I just liked the story, the hidden meanings, the journey, and traditions, carrying on the family.

 One group member that has not been at our meetings for a while, showed up.  She has monopolized the book club, always interupting everyone, and taking over. She did not do it this time. What a relief.

Our book club this month was successful. Everyone was respectful, and not one person interupted each other. Our book club had a lot to discuss with this novel.  Our book club met for two hours.

I would recommend this novel, Butterfly's Daughter for a book club, lots to talk about. I had contacted Mary Alice Monroe a few months ago for the discussion questions. I am sure by now, it must be on her website. I also contacted MAM, for the milkweed seeds, and book marks to go with this book.

I would like to thank MAM, for all her help with receiving the book marks, the discussion questions, and milkweed seeds.

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