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Sweeping Historical Novel: 22 Britannia Road

22 Britannia Road
By Amanda Hodgkinson

This is the story of a newly married Polish couple, Janusz and his wife Silvana. Both swept up by the war, Janusz must leave his newly married wife and child Aurek, and report for duty.  They are separated during the war.

Silvana and their son Aurek are forced to flee their home. They are forced into hiding in places you wouldn't dream of.  They were forced to go from place to place and hope for the best.  At times they were kept safe. But, toward the end of the war they were forced into the forest to live like animals. 

Then, in alternating chapters we learn that Janusz is is hurt and separated from his unit.  A family finds him, and their beautiful daughter, Helene nursing him back to health. They both fall in love. You don't find out what happens to Helene till the end of the story.

Janusz reaches England and asks the Red Cross to find his family. The Red Cross brings them to England and they are reunited.

Both Silvana and Janusz wa…

The Year We Left Home: Book Review

The Year We Left Home
By Jean Thompson

This is the story of the Erikson family in Iowa, in 1973. The story spans 30 years from the time they are coming of age into adulthood, to their middle age years.

The story is about each individual family member, Anita, Blake, Torrie, Ryan and their cousin Chip, and of course their parents.  Each of them, leave home, in different situations. The affect it has on them for them when they reach their 50's.

The confrontations, the battles, the tragedies, and the ties that bind them as individuals and as a family.What happens to this family, and turns the family to extended family, as Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Nephew, Neice, etc.

There are three children, Blake, Torrie, Anita, and Ryan, and their cousin, Chip.  At the opening scene, Anita is getting married. She pictures a perfect marriage and family. A house, with a white picket fence, with of course a…

Book Review: Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt

Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt
By Beth Hoffman

Cee Cee, is living in Ohio. She  is a 12 year old young girl. She has to grow up fast because of her mother's psycotic ways.  Her father, is rarely around for Cee Cee.

Her mother, Camille struts in  to town most days in a tiara on top of her head and her old prom gown that she wore in a pagent in 1954.

When Cee Cee was small  she did not know any better. She appreciated her mother's eccentric and crazy behaviors. But, as Cee Cee became aware of her mother's crazy behavior, she became aware that her mother was not normal.  Her father conviently left town when things got tough for Cee Cee.  Cee Cee was forced to grow up fast, and to learn to develop a tough skin, because of the gossip, and humiliation, and embarrassement her mother caused.

Her only friend was Ms. Odell, the elderly next door neighbor. She always watched over Cee Cee, giving her hugs, and grandmotherly advise. Her other escape was reading, she loved to escape into bo…

The Story of Beautiful Girl

The Story of Beautiful Girl
By Rachel Simon

This is the story about how four peoples lives intercept at a single night in 1968, and how it changes their lives forever.

Lynnie,  is developmentally challenged, young woman, and Homan is a Afro American deaf young man. They are on the run after escaping,The School for the Incurable and Feeble Minded.

 They find a farm house, and Martha a elderly widow.  But, unfortunately, the authorties find them.

Lynnie is caught, before she is taken away she whispers something in Martha's ear, hide her.

This statement changes Martha's life. She names the baby girl, Julia and moves away.
Homan, in the dark night escapes the authorities. He discovers a new way of life, and learns life lessons, and makes new friends.

Lynnie is caught and taken back to the intstitution.   After a few years, society learns of the atrocities of the condition of The School for the Incurable and Feeble Minded.  The school is closed down.  Lynnie learns to live a se…