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Lost in Shangri-La: Book Review

Lost in Shangri-La
By Mitchell Zuckoff

Lost in Shangri-La, takes place in New Guinea. There is a military army base at the end of WW2.  On May 13, 1945, 24 military men, and women decide they want to take a fun trip. They want to take a pleasure trip into the valley, known as Shangri-La. There is plenty stories that has come out of the valley.

They are flying on the Gremlin Special into the valley, and then a fatal crash occurs.   Of the 24 men and women, only three survive the plane crash. The three are hurt very badly, Margaret Hastings, John McCollum, and  Kenneth Decker, are severely wounded.

How they trek on foot with their multiple injuries in the jungle. Worried they will succumb to health problems. Such as gangrene, sepsis, and eventually loosing their leg, and possibly death. How they were able to survive.

But, not only do they have to worry about the Japanese, and the jungle elements. But, the natives from a "lost Civilization". They come upon natives that are frie…

A Bit Late: Book Tribute to Moms

Please Look After Mom
By kyung-sook shin

  One day a elderly woman is lost on the subway in Seoul.  One minute she is behind her husband the next minute he can't find her. The story narrative is each childs thoughts and feeling of their mother's journey during the time she is lost.

  Where did she go all this time? Why can't we find her? How can our father loose our mother, and not know where she went? These are questions are asked all through the novel.

One of the children could not separate their mother from the kitchen. The one son thought her mother had no life, but living in the kitchen.

Her daughter thought her mother was in misery, but she was happy in her life.

 Her eldest son needs a important certificate. But, it can't get to him. So, she decides she is going to trek and get it for him.  What a mother will do to sacrifice for her own child.

 Her children, I thought were very selfish, and did not have the time to appreciate, and care what happened to thei…

Book Club Discussion: Left Neglected

Our book club had their discussion with Left Neglected.  We had 14 people come to the meeting. It was a bit too much. There is one lady, she is our favorite. She is a snowbird, so everyone was glad to see her. But, the true problem she was talking to one of the members almost the entire time.  It was disturbing the others.  I did not want to say anything, because we were all glad to see her. But, maybe next time who ever is leading will say something.

I was the moderator for this meeting. I loved this book and knew there would be alot to talk about.  The story was about a woman that was career oriented, overachiever, that wanted it all. She wanted to be able to have a family, and work 80 hours a week. Which is impossible in todays world. Something has to give. She was pressured from all sides, and felt guilty she could not give enough to her children.  At the same time, she learns that her son, Chalie may have ADHD. One day, Sarah turns her attention to her cell phone, and everythin…

Scary Read: Night Stranger

The Night Stranger
By Chris Bohjalian

 Chip Linton, his wife Emily, and his two twin daughter, Hallie, and Garnet live in Pa.

Chip has been  a accomplished pilot for years. On his last flight tragedy occurs.  Some geese fly into the engines of the plane, and a forced landing occurs because of the stalled engines.  The plane strikes the water, and crashes into Lake Champlain in NY.   39 passenger die from the accident, including a few children.

Of course,after the accident Chip has tremendous guilt, and sadness and loss caused by the accident. He can't live without thinking about the victims.

His wife, Emily wants to uproot the family and start all over in  NH. Strange things start happening when the family move in.

Chip notices a door in the basement with 39 bolts. The same number of passengers that died on his flight.  He later learns that there are bones in the shaft behind the door, human bones. You find out, eventually about the house. The house takes it own personality.  …

Pursue My Career

Today, I have to post something that has been troubling me for the last few days. 

There has been a lot of changes in my life, in the past few months. Many years ago, I left my profession of nursing, 1990. When my son was born.  I was burned out... I did not think I would ever want to go back to nursing again( RN). Big Mistake.

I worked as a floor nurse in 1980's. I worked on a surgical floor, then cardiac, and then worked as a Psychiatric nurse, in the VA Hosp in Florida. It just got to me.  I decided to become a stay at home mom till my son was 14. Then I decided to try being a caregiver to a elderly woman. I then decided to go back to school, and pursue something in the medical field again.

I tried Medical Coding, and decided the business end of the hospital was just not for me. I liked the patient-nurse contact. Then I decided to go back to nursing.

 I could not pursue, nursing as my license lapsed. I talked to the board of nursing. I felt like I forgot everything. I decide…